Derma Progenix Serum Reviews – Dermatologist Outburst Makes 42-Year-Old Woman Discovering Botox in Capsules

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Susan Lopez lives in Cabo Frio, a coastal region of the city of Rio de Janeiro, and has been an inspector at a local school for 20 years.

After having her second son, Susan Lopez became very fat and the striae and the postpartum cellulite appeared that made her avoid short dresses and shorts.

Susan tells how she could only solve the problem after hearing the outburst of her dermatologist.

Solution Indicated by Physician Appears on Television

A new formula that uses collagen in capsules has recently been authorized by marketed in the USA. After several tests, the National Health Surveillance Agency approves the effectiveness of the formula.

We sought the cellulite specialist, Fernando Saldanha, to explain the cause of the benefits of this solution. The word:

“The structure of the collagen protein that is present in the capsules is pointed out as the biggest differential of the product. Because it is in the hydrolyzed form, that is, with several distributions, penetrates with high precision in the areas of smaller volume of the skin.

In this way, the protein reaches the dermis and stimulates the cells to increase firmness and elasticity. It also prevents inflammations that cause stains, cellulitis, tendon and muscle aches.

The formula, therefore, has a rare effect to provide a youthful appearance of the most rooted cells to the outermost layer of the skin. “- Fernando Saldanha

A clinical study with more than 50 patients done by Instituto Pró Juventude found 37% fewer stretch marks, 89% less cellulite, and 96% less flaccidity in 3 months of using this formula.

After the testing time, random people on the street were interviewed to guess the ages of each of the participants. 100% of them said that the patient was younger than the actual age.

7 Benefits that restore skin

  • Restructures the skin to give greater firmness and elasticity
  • Helps prevent inflammation
  • Relieves dark spots under the eyes
  • Strengthens and enhances the protection of muscles, tendons, and joints
  • Improves appearance and vitality of hair and nails
  • Tones the body
  • Avoid stretch marks and cellulitis
  • Help in faster weight loss

Being Ashamed In The Market Fez Susan Search Urgent Help

“One day after work, I picked up my son at school with a friend and we were in the market the three of us. When we were in line, a girl asked how old was my grandson”

At 42, being called the grandmother of her own son was the last straw for the inspector.

“The pregnancy ended my body. I gained a lot and made an effort to lose weight soon after. That’s when, even with 12kg less, I did not feel happy “

“I had dark circles under my eyes, skin on my arms, wrinkles, and a tummy so sagging that I was only wearing pants and navel. I cried every day before I dressed”

That was when, determinedly, he sought a dermatologist who saw that expensive surgery was not necessary for him.

Outraged, Dermatologist Reveals Farce of Industry

“The dermatologist was my old friend. He began to tell me that recent studies have revealed that if cellulite is inflammation, it could very well be reversed with collagen and consumption is the best form. The same goes for dark circles, wrinkles.”

The dermatologist also completed:

“It is not today that the beauty industry uses the range of soap operas with celebrity commercials saying that they have passed the cream and in a few hours the wrinkles and stretch marks are gone, that does not exist!”

The secret is not in any cream, oil or gel. But in a renewal of cells.

“We do not need expensive creams, massages that hurt or risky surgeries. He introduced me to Line Health’s Colastrin, a new compound with hydrolyzed collagen.”

Your Skin Began Recovering Within Few

“As much as I passed all the creams or used all the makeup I never looked young like the other women …”

His doctor indicated Derma Progenix Serum, the new hydrolyzed collagen repository recently approved by ANVISA and the Ministry of Health.

“After I met Derma Progenix Serum my hair was soft and strong (before falling for nothing), my nails stopped to break, the haggard face over, my stomach left to stay with that pelancuda fanny pack, that disappeared ‘bye-bye’ the arm..”

“Even getting thinner got easier. I lost 5 kg in 1 month because Colastrin also helps reduce hunger “

“And you do not even feel like you’re taking it because it’s as normal as brushing your teeth “

She tells him that she needed to spend a lot of money trying to disappear with the marks of her body.

“I lived my life passing everything you can imagine to avoid stretch marks. It would massage, moisturize and nothing worked”

“It only stopped after I started taking Derma Progenix Serum”

For Susan, seeing her cellulite and belly peeling were the things that made her happier.

“It all happened so naturally that in 3 weeks my neighbor upstairs asked if I had done the painting (laughter) and I ran back home to take a picture. I’ll show”

Where to buy

We went behind the manufacturer for more information about buying the product easily. According to the company responsible, the only place to buy is today through the Official Website of Derma Progenix SerumOnly in it do you get the original product reliably with warranty.

How the Warranty Works: If within 30 days you do not see any results, just request by email and send the bottle back to the manufacturer. * This warranty is only available through the official Derma Progenix Serum website.

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