Hair Transplant Benefits and Side Effects: – Reality About the Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant Benefits and Side Effects: – Reality About the Hair Transplant

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What Is Hair Transplant?

All we know very well that hair transplant is a surgical technique by which we can easily restore our lost hair of the body. In this treatment, usually, hair follicles remove from the one part of the body and transplant it to the bald part of the body. Normally, we see that those people who have lost their hair from the head usually prefer hair transplant and now people who want to restore the hair of eyebrow and eyelashes that also prefer it.

This kind of hair transplant procedure is called follicular unit transplantation. There are two kinds of transplant surgery found the first one is eyebrow transplant, second is androgenetic alopecia, and reconstruction or lowering frontal hairline.

How Does Hair Transplant Work?

This is like a surgical work in which a doctor remove hair follicle from any part of the body like the leg or anywhere and transplant it at those areas of the body where the customer wants to plant hair at on the part of the body.

This same treatment is also working for transplanting the hair in lashes and eyebrows. Latest techniques are quite permanent and they get a follicular cluster of hair. This treatment is called follicular Hair Transplant (FUT) and this treatment is complete in two ways, the first one is strip harvesting and second is follicular unit extraction.

How Does Hair Transplant Work

In the strip harvesting, a doctor works to strip those layers of skin which is good in the hair growth and then it transplant to the bald part of the body.

In the follicular unit extraction, the hair cluster along with their roots is manually removed from any part of the body and it planted at the hairless part.

Hair Transplant Disadvantages   

Although! Hair transplant treatment has many benefits but it has some disadvantages too. So, here are some most usual disadvantages of hair transplant: –

  • Scalp itching and pain
  • Infection and swelling of the scalp
  • Pus drainage or crust around the surgical sites
  • Inflammation at here follicles
  • Losing sensation
  • A continuous process of losing here

How Much Hair Transplant Is Effective?

There is no doubt remain that hair transplant is quite effective and easy way to get back hair at the bald area. In the beginning process, it may give you little pain but after this, you will enjoy with your new hairs.

But one this is should be clear that hair transplant doesn’t work same as like every people. It may give some different changes than other people. So, if you can to take a little risk regarding this treatment so you must go for it.

Who knows that it will give positive outcomes to you and you live with the beautiful and amazing looking hair. The cost of the hair transplant is not the same every time because the variation of price of hair transplant depends on the number of grafts so usually a larger number of grafts means a large amount of hair transplant.

How Effective Is Hair Transplant?

Upper paragraph shows the entire effectiveness of hair transplant treatment. In short, this treatment is quite better for those people who do not afraid for budget and believe that this treatment works to give hair back on their bald area of the body.

How Effective Is Hair Transplant

However, its results are not positive at all the time but still; it is the most effective way to re-own the hair.

Hair Transplant Safe or Not?

There are most of the doctor claims that this treatment of hair transplant is quite safe because it never gives any side effect. But according to us, it may give some little disadvantages to the body.


We have listed here everything regarding the hair transplant and we assure that this information is quite for every people. So, if you are thinking for trying hair transplant then you should go for it because hair transplant treatment is quite effective. But it is not sure that it also works for you also. Now, the final decision depends on you regarding the application of hair transplant or not.

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