How To Prevent Seniors From Falling Out Of Bed: Care Your Seniors By Giving Them Support

How To Prevent Seniors From Falling Out Of Bed: Care Your Seniors By Giving Them Support:

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Our seniors are the strength of our family and we should be caring for them. Actually Old age people face many health disorders and they feel weak when various disorders in old age. Therefore we should identify their needs in this age and we should be alert what they want. Due to affecting various health problems they feels unable to walk properly and sometimes they fall down from bed due to depression and insomnia also. Now we must recognize that how to prevent seniors from falling out of bed.

The most common problem to fall from the bed is a disturbing set of new bed and senior feel uncomfortable to sleep. They lose their balance during the sleeping time if there is no support to save them. Here we advised to using some different types of bed for senior citizen so that they can sleep well in safety zone.

These Beds Prevent Seniors From Falling Out Of Bed:

Bed Rail: this is essential bed rail for old age people because it is very easy to install in bed. This bed works as a supporter around of bed so that seniors could not fall down on earth and they can sleep well after adjusting these bed rails on the bed.

Bed Rail


  • Fit in any bed no matter of size.
  • Comfortable handle.
  • Adjustable height.

Secure Bed Assists: this bed is manufactured in different heights that can be getting in and out of bed safely so that old person can feel comfortable. It also supports 300lbs and designed with chrome plated steel frame. Anchor straps are comfy to handle even they can easily grab it.  Secure bed assists also used by disabled and hip replacement patient also.

Secure Bed Assists


  • The tube is underneath mattress.
  • Tool free assembly.
  • Use by seniors and handicapped.

What Causes A Person To Fall Out Of Bed?

  • Mental disorder: if a senior has a mental problem such as dementia or depression. They can fall from bed due to disturb mental condition because they do not sleep well.
  • High Medication: medication sometimes makes the cause of dizziness or disorientation because it can increase the risk of fall for our senior citizen from the bed. High consuming medication causes of weak bone and memory loss as well, therefore, they lost their balance on the bed.
  • Bed dreams: bad dreams are not good for health because the bad dreams are causes of stress, anxiety, and fear.

Solutions for the Elderly Falling Out Of Bed:

  • Replace water noodle: just replace water noodle because it provides a subtle physiological barrier around of bed. It may support to seniors when they moved here and there. This supporter can be use by children as well as it is using in the nursing home their safety.
  • Bright lighting: poor light is a high cause of fall from the bed. Light play a beneficial role for senior citizen hence light should bright in the room so that they could stand to hang it properly.
  • Low sitting bed: you can include low sitting beds for old age person because it assists to sit them with a comfortable feeling. These are closer to the floor and therefore it makes them comfortable to touch their legs on the floor as well.

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Reasons for falling out of bed:

There Are Lots Of Effects Of Why Do Seniors Fall Out Of Bed?

Balance issue: balance issues biggest cause of falls from bed such as if our senior bed is so much far from a glass of water than try to reach there and lose his/her balance and fall down on the floor. Hence they need every important thing should keep nearest of bed. For example, a toilet should be close to their bed, it must shorter distance between the bed and toilet & bed and water as well.  


Seniors falling out of bed is a serious reason for seniors because they lose their balance when they are sleeping on the bed. Therefore we require adding bed rails, lower bed, and body pillows to prevent them from falling out of bed. These can assist to prevent them from rolling during the night and they can hang rails when they leave bed.

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