How to Stop Menstrual Bleeding Immediately?

How to Stop Menstrual Bleeding Immediately? Best Way to Stop Heavy Bleeding

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Menstrual is an important part of the female that makes sure for a possible pregnancy every month. Menstrual is very critical and essential condition for every girl & women that generally start 14 to 16 years old. Menstrual is regular natural changes of the female body that produce due to the hormonal function of the body. Menstrual normally finished within 5 to 8 days which is the regular process of every month. If women feel heavy blood flow in periods than you should follow the tips for how to stop menstrual bleeding immediately?

Menstrual blood circulates from the uterus through the small opening in the fetus. Actually menstrual happens it prepared your womb for a possible pregnancy by becoming thicker & richer in blood vessels. Sometime women face heavy menstrual every month and they need to take proper vitamins, iron and some protein as well. Women need to relax and complete sleep during periods as well.

How To Stop Heavy Menstrual Bleeding With Clots?

During menstrual women face blood clots in some points but it is a normal part of periods. No need to worry about it even you should alert to use natural and hygiene products such as pad and natural home remedies as well. Blood clots release as a thick mass during periods and it generates pain because it is the heaviest part of the flow in periods.

  • You can use the hygienic pad and two pad together.
  • Use waterproof and double layered pad.

Add Healthy Diet:

Diet is complete nutrients for woman they should add vitamins and iron in the diet because it helps to lead weakness of body. [1]

  • Vitamin C foods: kiwis, strawberries, and thyme that help prevent cancer and blood sugar. You can eat a guava, orange which is the rich property of vitamin C and take grapefruit juice healthy to get vitamins C during menstrual.
  • Iron: iron also plays a beneficial role when you suffer heavy bleeding during menstrual. Iron deficiency can produce weakness and dizziness so you always to intake iron. To consume 100% iron you should add broccoli and leafy greens veggies that are rich of iron and also deliver minerals in the body. Add some tofu and sesame seeds that are loaded with zinc, copper, and iron boost energy and help to stop heavy bleeding with clots.  

Does Alum Stop Bleeding?

Alum is an ideal solution to stop bleeding of wounds because it highly charged AI3 + (SO4)2- ions which generally works as neutralizing ions for protein colloid in blood. Alum generally helps to reduce pain and stop coagulation of blood or clots from cuts.

Alum Stops Bleeding In Minor Cuts:

Alum stops bleeding in minor cuts because of potassium sulphate combination that mainly works as an astringent property and heals minor cuts to stop bleeding.

How Does Alum Stop Bleeding?

Alum is a colorless remedy that fights against the cause of wounds bacteria’s and it is a water-soluble solution that is used as a medication to stop bleeding of cuts. It is very cool property that delivers cool sensation around the affected area.

Why Bleeding Stop On Applying Alum?

Alum is an antiseptic healing property that effectively treats fungal infection; reduce burns, rashes, and cuts. It stops the bleeding from wounds due to styptic properties.

Does Alum Stop Menstrual Bleeding?

There are various benefits of alum as research says alum is used as vaginal tightening product because it beneficially works as a form of potassium and ammonium alum also. This cool property use as a deodorant and cosmetic uses but this is not proved to stop heavy bleeding during periods. Before the use of alum during menstrual, women should consult with a gynecologist.

Benefits of Alum:

  • Rinse the cut with water and rub alum on wounds.
  • Mix a part of alum in water than apply on cut that will be helpful to stop bleeding.


Our monthly periods works to control by the complex orchestra of hormones that produced by two structures in our brain first is pituitary gland and second is hypothalamus along with ovaries. Women should consult with their doctors for best remedies to stop menstrual. A study says alum is a healing property for wounds but also women should aware better use of alum during heavy periods.

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