What Nail Shape Makes Your Fingers Look Skinnier

What Nail Shape Makes Your Fingers Look Skinnier?

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There is lots attractive nail shape that makes your finger longer, shorter and skinnier also. Hence today our research brings lots of reason to makes finger beautiful and skinnier. Your best nail shape makes your fingers can change your personality if you applied it according to your finger. The pair of best nail shape can be designed by nail paint and change shape by filers.

Now You Are Thinking What Nail Shape Makes Your Fingers Look Skinnier?

Almond Nail Shape will be good for slim finger because it will give long and slimming effect as well as it is a very simple shape. This shape is easiest to maintain at home and you can use a filer to maintain this shape. The almond Nail shape makes your fingers increases your beauty in professional life and makes you complete women by good nail shape.

How to Choose Nail Shape for the Skinnier Finger?

Almond Nail Shape is generally used by various women because this is a classic and simple shape. This shape can frequently file to gives maintain shape and you may file your nail once in a week and designed by nail paint to give an alluring look. There are many nail shape that applies according to finger shape as we are explaining some shape for different types of fingers.

Best Nail Shape for Short Stubby Fingers:

There are lots of nail shape for different finger style but here we advised to apply round nail shape will give elegant look. This shape is a simple and clean shape and not easy to break.  

Nail Shapes for Short Fingers:

Oval is beautiful nail shape because it maintains the whole area of nail and protects starting point from scratches and injuries as well and finally, it helps to convert your finger into the long finger.

Nail Shapes for Short Fat Fingers:

The almond shape can be suitable for skinnier shape because this shape will give illusion and charming look even If you have short fat finger than you can apply this shape that will give makes your finger long and slim.

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How to Designed Almond Nail Shape?

How to Designed Almond Nail Shape

The Almond Shape is in trend nowadays because this shape is popular among all age group women. This shape can be applied by professional women, young girl and old age women also. Now, this is the time to make the nail shape make your fingers beautifully by attractive design.

  • Use Nail Paint: you can use different types of nail paint to gives various design on your nail. You should be careful about nail polish brand means you need to apply a good brand for safe nail shape so that your nails can not be affected by fungal infection.

Use Nail Paint

  • Stamping Kits: these nail stamping kits play an amazing role to designs nail shape and women can go through to stamping full nail shape.

Stamping Kits

Use These Tools for Almond Shape?

  • Tweezers: Tweezer is a small and easy handy tool which is generally used to clean the edges of nails and finely touch of nails shape to makes them soft and smooth.
  • Moisturizer:  you can use the best quality moisturizer to protect your nails. Moisturizer is an excellent solution to deliver oil and softness into nails hence you should apply lotion to makes your cuticles shiny.

Richest Food for Healthiest Nail Shape:

  • Vitamin E: you should take food richest of vitamin E. that food will be related to avocado, tofu, spinach, and eggs also. These foods help to boost blood circulation in nails beds.
  • Hydrochloric Acid: HA actually very healthy food for you because it helps to digest any food. If your body lacks HA than you feel your nail quite dull and unhealthy. Take this richest food for example –vinegar, lemon juice, and olives play the healthiest role for healthiest nail shape.

Almond Nail Shape is a great option for those women are working because it presents professional look. This shape is perfectly matched with your personality and suitable according to your finger size.

Almond is a common shape whether your finger is long or wide after that it will be suitable for your personality. You can apply any color to this shape or design also with the help of toothpick, dotting tools and nail art stickers.

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